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The course, thanks to a rigorous federally funded evaluation, has been added to the Office of Adolescent Health’s registry of Evidence Based Programs.A fundamental premise of Love Notes is that one’s love life is not neutral.

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In-depth relationship education provides a positive and proactive way to address IPV by equipping young people with knowledge, skills, and a vision to move what they want – not just away from what’s harmful.

Addressing issues of the heart, not just risks and health, encourages and empowers youth to cultivate a “North Star” for their sexual lives.

They gain a better understanding of intimacy, decide what they want sex to mean, where they want to set their boundaries, and how they want to pace their physical involvement in a relationship. Deciding from the research of Scott Stanley and Galena Rhoades is used within Love Notes to encourage participants to make decisions rather than merely slide into situations that increase risk and diminish options in life.

Most importantly, young people are encouraged to step outside themselves to look more deeply at the consequences of unplanned pregnancy for children.

By placing the child at center stage in the activities, participants see the consequences of sliding into unplanned pregnancy (a first or a second), and the “relationship turbulence” that often accompanies it, through the eyes of a child.

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