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My sister Sharon has never really talked about the fire.” Today [2003] Sharon has two sons and a daughter, and one grandson. On the day of the fire, Linda's brother, Tom escaped from room 205 and ran to Mary hall to find his little sister, Linda.He then walked her to their home on Thomas/Kedsie, because their parents were at a funeral.Elaine “Attended Mary Hall during the morning session. I then remember my mom leaving me with my grandmother and rushing to the school to find my brother, Peter Minerva, who was in 2nd grade and escaped without injury.I also can remember my parents returning in the evening to see if they could help in any way.Meanwhile, in our classroom, we heard the many sirens and as was the custom, stopped what we were doing to say a 'Hail Mary'.As my mother approached our building, she noticed the sky filling with black smoke and raced up to the classroom and in her broken English, tried to tell Sr. Sister did not understand what my mother was trying to tell her, but allowed me to leave early.As she recalls, “It was almost the end of the school day and I remember a few moms running into our classroom hysterically crying. Many of the students in my class were upset because they had older brothers or sisters in [main] the school building. When my mom returned home that evening, everything that she was wearing reeked of smoke.”Richard escaped without injury and today [2010] is a Chicago Police Officer.“While working in the Special Operations Sections, I would often return to the site of Our Lady of the Angels School.

He is a well known author, lecturer and instructor for the fire service throughout the country.

I remember when we moved to Carpentersville and in 2nd grade?

in art class, the class was told to paint something that we could remember. The art teacher sent me to the principals office because as I later learned she felt I was 'not all there! I never returned to that school.“My mother was married at Our Lady of the Angels Church in October 1952.”Mary was one of the youngest students enrolled at OLA on December 1, 1958, because “my mother was allowed to enroll me in Kindergarten when I was 4 .” Fortunately, Mary was at home with a fever on the day of the fire, and therefore was not subjected to viewing the horrors unfolding at her school. I remember I was at home when my mother received a phone call from a neighbor friend, (Grace Noverini) that the school was on fire.

I remember we all held hands going outside and she said not to look back.” Sister of Debbie Taliani.“If I had been born in December of 1951, instead of January of 1952, I would have been in second grade on December 1, 1958, which means I would have been in the main building on Avers and Iowa. I believe that God had not intended me to be in 2nd grade, in the main building, on the tragic day.”“I was in first grade on the second floor of one of the [Hamlin Street] buildings.

Instead, I was in 1st grade at Joseph Hall down the street on Hamlin Ave. On the day of the fire, my mother was walking to school to pick me up.

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