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He told of a friend lamping who saw two sets of eyes at the edge of a field: "The eyes moved a bit and the guy looked through his scope but wouldn't pull the trigger because he couldn't identify them.

As he was peering through his scope, he got the shock of his life.

At the Liberal Democrat conference, David Jones, of a Montgomeryshire hunt, told a meeting that lamping was encouraging a new type of "countryside cowboy".

A fox caught in the headlights In the distance, a pair of eyes flashed in the beam of a high-powered lamp.

An electronic device mimicking the squeaks of a rabbit in distress was coaxing the fox ever closer.

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One entry on Air Gun BBS read: "Would welcome any lamping tips at all from you experienced night-time bunny bashers ...", and another boasted of killing 28 in a night. But badgers, a protected species, are the most worrying quarry of illicit lampers - either shot or hunted down by lurcher dogs trained to run down the beam of a lamp.Warwickshire's say it is "increasingly a problem", and Mid-Sussex Badger Group report seeing badgers dying from septicaemia after being shot.Deer are a target for some of the more organised gangs, and the RSPCA's special operations unit has recently concluded an investigation into a group that was "heavily into wildlife crime, including lamping deer, foxes and, occasionally, badgers".Two weeks ago, a boy of 12 walking his dog was shot in the head at Castleford, West Yorkshire.Just days before, Byron Evans, aged 13, was shot dead by lampers near Totnes in Devon, and in April, Trevor Lawson, a wildlife journalist out watching badgers and barn owls in Buckinghamshire, was shot and seriously injured by Anthony Burns, who was lamping.

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