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The daunting task here is that we have to rely on our faces and our feelings and our expressions, and then again, not being over the top and trying to be authentic to the period. Were there any silent films that you watched for inspiration?

It’s slightly more exaggerated because of how it’s filmed and the mannerisms were different in that era. MILLER: I had watched a lot of Chaplin films because I did the film and I was also playing an actress who lived at that time and was a silent film star.

Penelope Ann Miller, who portrays George’s increasingly disaffected wife, was also intrigued by the notion of acting in a feature-length silent.

The period setting held great appeal to the actress, a lifelong movie buff who is extremely knowledgeable about Hollywood cinema history.

We sat down with Cromwell and Miller at a roundtable interview to talk about the challenges of doing a silent film.

They told us how director Michel Hazanavicius created a perfect environment for the actors that helped put them in the moment, why the artistic excellence of everybody hired above and below the line enhanced their performances, and how the mannerisms and behavior of an earlier era compare to those of today.

, a film without dialogue and only a handful of supporting roles, attracted an ensemble of accomplished, well known actors including James Cromwell and Penelope Ann Miller.

He plays music in the background, everybody he hired above and below the line was so artistically excellent that you just felt well taken care of.MILLER: To me, this film is a love letter to not only filmmaking but art and art forms.Movies can be an art form and a beautiful one and there’s a tremendous amount of pride in doing it.They also discussed their latest projects including Cromwell’s upcoming films So what were the challenges of doing a silent film?PENELOPE ANN MILLER: Well, I think nowadays we are so used to hearing our voices and relying on the inflections and conveying our emotions through the timbre of our voice.

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