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Artists who host their work on Saga have control over every spot their media is embedded, opening up new potential dialogues among creators, corporations, and consumers on the Internet.Did a terrible Buzzfeed-style website rip the GIF you created for a listicle?It’s this idea that artists just want to put truth and beauty into the world, but I don’t think people know how to think about compensation for that.” Nguyen’s series arrives at a crucial time, when some artists are beginning to dream up left-field answers to these questions—Mat Dryhurst’s Saga project being one.

“They have a really consistent brand and sponsor their Facebook posts and do everything it takes to go viral, but here they are, two queer Desis, getting covered in because of that consistency.You can customize that particular embed and layer a big middle finger over it, or a message decrying how lame the ad placed next to it is.Want to limit how many times someone listens to your song?Take SOPHIE, a popular electronic artist from the net-savvy PC Music collective out of London.As blogs began to sing the producer’s praises, many assumed, from the name and the high-pitched vocals, that the artist was a woman.

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