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Alaska Traffic Company specializes in delivering freight between Alaska and other points in the USA.Every process, every system, and every one of our experienced team members is dedicated to the safe, timely delivery of your freight.Our customers can remotely access our system to manage their inventory, track and trace their shipments, and request quotes online.Please register for additional online capabilities for secured users.Our extensive Alaska experience, solid transportation network and tenacity are unequalled when it comes to delivering your freight. When they do, you can count on timely communication and action to mitigate the impact to your business or project. Up-to-date information is available online when you want it.At Alaska Traffic, we don't just take orders, we take responsibility. Track your shipment online, receive an email or fax twice weekly detailing the shipments currently on hand or in transit to you, or login.Because consolidation allows you to negotiate must arrive by dates (MABD), you can get your product on the shelves faster.

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Your products are important to us, whether they fill an entire container or a corner of one. We're ready to design a shipping or freight consolidation program for maximum flexibility. Consolidated shipping uses a method that not only is more cost efficient, but also considerably reduces the on-again, off-again handling of the product, as freight only has to travel between the shipper, consolidation center, and receiver/consignee.With fewer touchpoints, the risk of damaged goods is significantly lowered.Please continue through the website for further information on particular services and, most importantly, please give us a call to experience Nova's superior customer service.To provide the latest technology to our customers, NOVA has a state-of-the-art computer system specifically developed for NOVA to better serve the needs of our customers.

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