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His life isnt ever as simple as that and he should have realised. Changed from T to M for language & imagery in later chapters Hermione and other former pupils are invited back to Hogwarts to give career advice.The Malfoy's come, he falls in love with a vampire and ends a war. He's meant to be babysitting the kids, but an emergency Ministry meeting means he has to turn to the least prepossessing of his Aurors for help. In a fluke accident an old connection with Draco Malfoy is re-established forcing them to share magic. Things are different, very different but they aren't done changing yet.That was before a certain cowboy made her feel like she might actually belong. She notices that some of the teens that her soon-to-be uncle hangs around is different. He's only seen his parents a few times and he knows they are ashamed of him. His siblings find out about him, and they are furious with their parents. Harry learns what its like to love and have a family with the Cullen's E/H SLASHHermione Cullen thought that the craziest thing that she had been through was when she found out that she was a witch and that her dads great uncle was a at was nothing compared to what happens when she goes to Hogwarts. She follows his wishes and heads over to Charming, where she finds out the truth about his old life. Will they come out successful, or will Earth's Mightiest Heroes and their allies fall? But the stranger doesn't know that Draco's under Polyjuice. Will he finally get over Holly before she comes home? ** 04/02/16 - STORY ON HIATUS, CM MUSE ON THE FRITZ **When all your life you've been abused, how can you deal with each new obstacle in your path? She had a secret she was keeping from everyone why the break-up was so hard on her. AU: Ava finds out her father John is in the hospital in a coma, and he might need some blood. When, after that fateful Halloween night, the wrong Potter twin is hailed the Boy Who Lived, how will Harry's life turn out? Jared would never have expected visiting a friend would change his life forever. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something's going to give. Watch how she adjusts to her new life in Charming under the watchful eye of her new family. Severus, Sirius, and Lily get a second chance to live their lives over again. Edward must figure out how to free his love from the grasp of her own imprinting or face losing her to the always scheming Aro and his crew. Rated TLeah only began healing from Sam & Emily's betrayal when her dad died. Gracelen Madison is beautiful, graceful, kind, and mute meaning she can't speak prima ballerina. But what about her past what is it that scares her? She hasnt been living the best lifestyle, but she loves it anyways.Harry & Dudley flee an abusive Vernon to Severus Snape. Vince/OC Rated T for language.(i) Lily Luna: A Slytherin who realises she's lost, and finds her way back. Sophie's an abused girl looking for somehting more than hatred. She never stopped loving him, he never stopped looking for her. When Brenda is raped they find out the secret she had been hiding. She leaves Dom and the crew to go find John's other family in Charming for help. With a power he knows not, an ancient prophecy and one Severus Snape practically raising him, interesting at least is a given. ** 04/02/16 - STORY ON HIATUS, CM MUSE ON THE FRITZ **What would happen if another new person came into the team? But that was exactly what happened when he met the eyes of Bella Swan. What things will change, and what will stay the same? So after the Volturri left, she didn't need to protect Seth anymore, so she ran. But when she meets the Killer of the club, will she stay home for good? She swore she would never go back but she has to when her mother dies.Severus finds a new home for himself & the boys with dragons and hunt the Horcruxes from there. (ii) Teddy Lupin: A Gryffindor who decides to remain lost, until a particular red-headed Slytherin makes it her sole mission to find him. I lept and phased quicker than you can say "bloodsucker." We met and crashed into each other, sounding like two boulders colliding. Universe A: Story 2 of 3 - Sequel to Falling in Love with a Girl. When Paul makes her life more miserable than it already is, how will the two cope when he Imprints on her? Love is more powerful than any measure of time apart. Harlie Morrow's life seemed to be pretty normal until one night changed everything. Come along with Brenda as she fights to survive this tragic event. Please Read and Review A sister of a Son comes to him for help but little does she know that she may just end up with several more "brothers" in the process and maybe even and lover or two as well. What will happen when they find out that John is really alive? When Lily finds out there are others like her, that she is not alone, she will be in for the surprise of her life. TV Title Bonus Challenge #7: Doppelgangland - TOTAL AU - Flashback to the early 90s. And no, contrary to popular belief it's not unfinished just to piss people off :-]Universe A: Offshoot of The Hours - After suffering an unexpected tragedy, JJ needs to find a way to move on with her life. But can he overcome Jacob's fury and Bella's fears? With Harry as Sev's guardian, Remus as Sirius', & Lily has a surprise new family. Happy's daughter, Angel, has been through a lot, first with her mother's death and then with being a normal teenager. Now she's back, determined to put her past to rest and start over. Will she be able to leave again or she missed her old life, family, friends more than she is willing to admit?"Rosie", she said worriedly, entering her eleven year old's bedroom. Problem is, life does seem to happen when you're busy making other plans. "If Greengrass continues to disturb you, tell my sister. She's well equipped with dealing with crazy women, especially old girlfriends. Remember that time after their break-up and he dated any witch who threw herself at our Man Who Lives? She comes back five years later after learning another shocking truth.Especially, when a charming Draco, a meddling Narcissa and 2 rogue Death Eaters turn it upside down. " Established DMHG."You didn't have the best upbringing, you were a jerk throughout our school years, joined the Death Eaters, almost killed our headmaster, and yet here you are at the age of twenty two with a family of your own. You have a wife who loves you, a good job, great friends and a home to live in. Will she finally find her mate or is she destined to be alone? Universe C: Story 4 of 6 - Story Title Challenge - Bonus Set #8 - Why I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts - Halloween night.

Hermione knows what it is, so do Blaise and Professor Snape. This is the continuation Emily & Hotch's shopping fics, now they're off to Dave's for the pool party Tig Tragger's world is upside down and he is struggling with inner demons when he meets Amber, a young, free spirited and unpredictable girl with a nomadic and complicated lifestyle. After the final battle Harry is informed Sirius is alive he leaves at once for Forks wanting a normal life. 100 years later, Bella is a world famous lingerie model and singer. When Edward finds her again, can she forgive him and let the Cullens back into her life? This one takes place a few weeks after "dump the body." Hotch has a problem, and he's not sharing Universe E: Story 1 of 2 - Spin off of "Falling in Love with a Girl." Late season 2, H/P fly to Texas for a parole hearing, something terrible happens on the trip; H/P friendship, no romance.

Hermione Malfoy almost dropped her cup of tea when she heard her daughter's cry, from the upper landing of their home. However, while patrolling the hallways, he stumbles across an interesting situation that leaves him bound to a chair as Hermione has her way with him, not realizing that it isn't Ron in the dark with her. After restoring her parents memories, Hermione finds out she isn't who she always believed to be. What they didn't know, was that their life would be drastically changed when arriving.

She carefully placed the cup on the table and a second later, ran up to see what had happened. However, she decides not to let this new development affect her live at all. What happens when Paul & Edward changes their lives? More of Dawn's life written than Chris' but all tied together. During 7th year Hermione finds out she isn't who she thought she was and left after Graduating.

I will continue writing one shots as I update other stories. They must work together to end the war, return to Hogwarts as eighth years, unite the four Houses and become Professors - while slowly falling in love in the process. **Story has been rewritten**This is the sequel to The Therapist; if you haven't read that, this won't make sense. '31 Days of Winter' is a collection of drabbles about what happens in the month of December, over the years. HG/SS Romance When the daughter of Quinn, the Nomad Pres, comes to tell SAMCRO her father was been attacked and murdered, she isn't ready for the aftermath of what is to come. AU: Agent Giselle Morgan was brought back in by Fury to help with new threats that's coming their way, but it's way more complicated than that. Draco thinks he has it all, till he meets a woman at a bar. Secrets have a way of affecting everyone, and this one was no different. The Ministry of Magic has to act and enforces a marriage law. This is the entire collection of my AU Hotch/Prentiss stories-in the proper reading order-Takes place immediately following the finale of Season three I blew up Rossi . Re-write of Teenager From The Future, with numerous new changes. Sometimes it takes more than science to solve a case, but when Taylor Turner appears claiming she can see ghosts, will the CSIs accept her help, or will science over-ride the supernatural? Melody Sanderson never thought that she would be associating with biker's or that a mother could love her daughter so much. Will the Club destroy all that she has worked hard for? As the events of Season 2 unfold - and the going gets tough for the folks of Charming, when loyalties are tested and relationships pushed to their brink, will the Parker Sisters be able to hang on or will they be forced to walk away. A drain of Hermione's magical resources leads to her getting help from an unexpected source, Snape. When fate forces Leah and Edward into each others lives, they quickly realize their more than just friends. A dog who also happens to be under the care of Severus Snape. Hiding out in Forks he thought would be the easy part but or so he thought, who knew about shape-shifting werewolves and vampires? Elizabeth Hunter comes home to Charming where she grew up after being gone for three years.

At the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry sees his chance to strike down his enemies - and takes it. DMHG.'"I can be your hero Bella, just let me in," he whispered as he placed his lips to mine, lighting a fire within me that I never knew existed.' For Bella Swan life was hard, people avoided her at all costs, her dad didn't understand her, her mother was gone and she was all alone. She is sent to live with her step-aunt Emily in La Push after her family is killed in a sorcerer attack. Harry grew up in the Muggle world brought up by a nanny his parents hired. Now she is facing a chance to live, but without almost everything she was taught to rely on. A story of healing, love, and two people desperately in need of both. HEAAU: Alex is the granddaughter of one of the First 9 and he was like a father to her. Natalie, Loki, and the Avengers are getting ready for the battle with Thanos. Narrated from our favourite Malfoy's point of view. Everyone is keeping secrets from her, plus she has a few secrets of her own. He's never been this interested in a stranger before and befriends her, in an attempt to forget the girl he once loved (and lost). Harry/Draco]AU: Two weeks before Holly comes back from Paris, Vince has been moping around, but will it all change after he meets a little girl and her mom? Moving on from the tragedy, Hotch's marriage falls apart as his bond with Emily takes his life in a new direction. After Dylan had chosen Kelly, Brenda didn't know what to do with herself. Callen OC I've changed the rating but it could go back to M when it needs too. Hermione is paired with Malfoy but the Ministry will have to drag her dead body up the aisle before she marries him EWE AUCallie's mother moves them to Charming, her hometown, for a new start. I will upload the finished version when I complete HOPEFollowing a moment of passion, Lily Potter finds herself in a difficult position. What happens when seventeen years later, her biggest secret comes to light? Tig/OC, Juice/OCAfter the Second Wizard War, the Veil turned inward and spat out a few familiar faces-as children! But it becomes an uphill battle for the duo when fate brings in a third party: the Volturi. She is no longer the same mousy girl she was when she left and Charming isn't the same as when she left either. The princess of Charming is coming home after 5 years to help get her nephew back.

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