Real dating horror stories

The flowers that trail elegantly under the bust in the original version have been clustered around the neckline One bride-to-be, Grace Jennings-Edquist, started a blog on Australian website Mama Mia about her wedding dress fears after ordering her dress online and was inundated with horror stories from other brides.

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No delicate bead work & embroidery as shown in the original - just heavy embroidery with no bead work at all!A quick google search for 'cheap wedding dresses' brings up endless websites offering economical alternatives - some with their original designs and others promising to create copies of designer gowns.Right: The designer dress the website promised to copy; Left: The horrific version that arrived.Despite the company's "100 per cent money back guarantee", they refused to give her money back, as is usually the case! One ruffly gown is pictured next to a sad imitation with the post: 'This customer sent a picture of herself in the dress she wanted from an actual boutique.

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