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Makes mention that the African Elephant has been used as a symbol by the Democratic party and the North American Elephant by the Anti-Mason party.Also alludes to but does not elaborate on 'the emerging Human-Elephant conflict'. 1750 CE Depth of Recovery: 1,298m Description: The book is handwritten and describes in extensive detail the way a lady should properly behave in high society.Makes the case that abortion should be permitted through the fourth trimester.Author: Claudine Nemejanski Language: ASL (American Sign Language), modern (note: represented using illustrations of a posed, wooden mannequin) Depth of recovery: 1,001m Description: A series of examples and counter-examples to the proposition that the proof of the Banach-Tarski paradox both relies and is independent of Zermelo's axiom of choice.Dialogue consists entirely of rhetorical questions. Language: English, through a simple number-replacement cipher.Depth of recovery: 2,599m Description: A historical review of the symbolic role pachyderms have played throughout human history.An alert researcher recognized this fictitious work as being mentioned (but not elaborated on) in (trans: Attempts) by Montaigne: a collection of a large number of short subjective treatments of various topics inspired by studies in the classics (especially Plutarch), as well as discursions into the autobiographical and anecdotal.

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Description: SCP-1986 is a cylindrical tunnel ~2m wide lined with volumes of books.

The foreword introduces the work as having won the Nobel Prize for Obstinance.

Author: Edgar Allan Poe Language: English, modern Depth of recovery: 433m Description: A hitherto unknown collection of short stories.

All languages currently extant as well as extinct ones are represented.

In no case has any volume borne any publication information.

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