Dating site for meeting friends

Elite is a near perfect friend finding website for working professionals who are looking for a serious friendship.People can discuss about jobs, hobbies, love, and life in general. Rating – 4/5Match Accuracy – 9.2/10Senior makes an entry at the no. Probably the best website for people over the age of 50 to find quality friends online.

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There are many websites like this which provide you the opportunity for Rating –5/5 Match accuracy – 9.8/10e Harmony is among the top friend making sites and has a very good and user-friendly user interface.Elite also has a free subscription apart from the paid form of subscription that offers more or less the same features as the paid one.The website allows users to make good matches especially if they are working.Rating – 5/5Match Accuracy – 9.7/10Arguably the best online friend making website on the internet.has made the editors’ choice several times and there is a very good reason behind it.

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