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It includes wetlands, several lakes, an oak savanna, a restored prairie, and hiking trails that wind through an extensive pine and hardwood forest.

In addition to its recreational value, the landscape inspires spiritual and artistic reflection and fosters the Benedictine traditions of land stewardship, education and environmental respect. The Intercultural Center celebrates the diversity of campus life and fosters intercultural competency.

A water wonder that is sure to impress, make sure Reversing Falls is another stop when your flight from Ottawa to Saint John touches down.

Reversing Falls changes its rapids twice a day, with three different tides: low, slack and high.

To get right into the action, take a relaxing boat tour that runs through the calm portions of the tide.

The distance from Ottawa to Saint John is 765 km / 475 mi.Minutes away from downtown Saint John, Irving Nature Park has over 600 acres of volcanic rock and forest, plus beach, marsh and trails for you to explore.From plants to animals, Irving Nature Park has six ecosystems all thriving at the same time. Walk through and learn about its ecosystems and wander its 11 km of coastline.During low tide, rapids and whirlpools form as the river empties into the bay. The tide continues to rise so high that it reverses the flow of the river.Then, the tides fill back up and the river current begins to calm. The rapids form in reverse direction, peaking at high tide. The best time to visit is just before the end of low tide.

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